Un Giro nella Campagna di Galles – Boddellyn

A Ride in the Welsh Countryside – Boddellyn

Seriously, those are words?

Our second part of our countryside trip was in Wales. Do you know much about Wales? Nope, neither did we. The second official language of Wales is Welsh … and it has tons of consonants, and all of the words are so strange I can’t even begin to figure out how to pronounce them. But I really enjoyed taking pictures of them!

Self Portrait! Castle Boddellyn

We picked Castle Boddellyn ’cause we saw a drawing of it on a sign from the highway … or something. Maybe we saw the castle from the highway, I’m not sure. At any rate, it looked like it wasn’t too far off of our path to the next city … so we stopped off to check it out.

Castle Courtyard

We toured the inside of the castle – but it wasn’t nearly as photogenic as the outside of the castle. I <3 stones and sunlight and sky and green!

Getting ready for the maze

The castle had a small hedge maze that we did just for fun. Ryan and I made opposite choices at the first opportunity and then raced to the middle – laughing and running. As I recall, Ryan won. I’m pretty sure I eventually cheated (slipping between two hedgerows) … and he still won. But I got him to pose for a picture … and that’s a victory for me. :)

Not a bad view for the castle occupants, huh?


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