Mangiamo Francese a Roma

Eating French in Rome

Rome’s not exactly known for its multi-cultural eating options … so what to do when you’ve left France and you’re craving a crepe? Make them at home, of course!

Ryan manning the crepe pan

We started the evening with a couple of glasses of Kir Royale – ’cause that’s the only way to start an evening of french food.

Chopping onions ... with goggles. I'm not ashamed, they work!

I was sous chef – chopping onions, cutting tomatoes and shredding cheese.

Et Voila!

Spinach, lettuce, bacon, eggs, and gruyere and goat cheese – Could that look more amazing? I venture that it could not.

Strawberries & whipped cream for dessert

We had all the french classics for dessert too – butter, sugar and cinnamon, nutella and banana, and strwaberries with whipped cream and nuttela.

Canned whipped cream ... don't know why, but I find the bottle seriously amusing.



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2 responses to “Mangiamo Francese a Roma

  1. OMG – does this restaurant deliver to NJ ????

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