La Vista da in Cima alla Città – Paris

The View from the Top of the City 

I don’t know that I’ve ever climbed the towers at Notre Dame – I’m not much of a tower climber. Climbing towers in cities always costs money. There are great views … but there are free views all over the city.

Turns out these views were pretty cool anyway…

The awesome gargoyles don’t hurt either. Check out the awesome personalities!

Oh yeah, we were there too.

Somebody’s hungry!

A view of Montmartre …

I think it turned out to be well worth all the steps … plus we got to see the mechanism inside the controls the bells when they play a song. Remember those jewelry boxes that have a cylinder with bumps which causes metallic tines to ring? It’s like that.


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One response to “La Vista da in Cima alla Città – Paris

  1. Elaine

    So much fun to see the gargoyles. Apparently I’ve never climbed up the tower at Notre Dame.

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