La Dernière Exploration – Montmartre, Paris

The Last Exploration – Montmartre, Paris

Le Sacré-Coeur

Montmartre is one of my favorite parts of Paris, if it weren’t for the hills, it’d be perfect! Montmartre was the home of the artists – and on our sunny last day in Paris, it was a great place to explore. And do a Rick Steves walking tour …

Place du Tertre - where the artists paint ... and sell their wares.

An original windmill

A Vespa at Van Gogh's House


Les Deux Moulins - Amelie's Workplace

A Pastry Pit Stop


Le Moulin Rouge

Me, and another Art Nouveau Metro stop

The best baguettes in Paris ... at least in 2007

Cheese and Baguettes on a bench in the sunshine

Au revoir, Paris! A la Prochaine!

Goodbye Paris! See you next time!



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2 responses to “La Dernière Exploration – Montmartre, Paris

  1. Just looking at the picture of the boulangerie made my mouth water–Paris is notonly a city worthvisiting, but a city worth visiting over and over again!

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