La Chambre de la Paix – Paris

The Peace Room

Versailles - at the gate

Newly armed with our museum pass – we took a day trip to Versailles, included in the pass.

Mirror Room - Birthplace of the Treaty of Versailles

View of the Gardens

Versailles was the ‘Camp David’ of French Royals. It was an escape from work and pressures – of course, as soon as the King moved out here, so did everyone who wanted a piece of his time.

Nice grounds, huh?

We toured the inside, wandered across the grounds, checked out the gardens, and then the other mini palaces …

Famous Fountain ...

Posing in a Secondary Palace

The Queen's Gardens

A Chapel of love ... or something ...





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3 responses to “La Chambre de la Paix – Paris

  1. I love this whole Paris series – I guess I need to visit –

    p.s. don’t tell mom or I will never hear the end of it

  2. Elaine

    I like this series, too. I was thinking it would be so nice to visit again….

    • I’m considering going again before we leave … I wonder if May would be good.

      Dad – when’s your next Lyon trip? :-p

      I really need to get working on my priority list…


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