La France et La Guerre – Paris

France and War

Inside Les Invalides Museum

I know what you’re thinking … what does France have to say about war? Bear with me for a moment –  Les Invalides was a surprisingly interesting museum. We went for a quick tour and ended up entirely enthralled and engaged.

Les Invalides

Above is the Church of Les Invalides which holds Napolean’s ridiculously huge tomb.

Armor Room

The museum contains arms and armor from the Middle Ages to today. From the ornate to the purely functional.

Napolean's horse - stufffed. Odd, no?

3D attack models Mont-Saint-Michel was our favorite

French Marine Infantry Flag

Charles De Gaulle's Appeal to the French People

One of the most interesting parts was learning about Charles de Gaulle, who worked to rally the french people against the Vichy government that was surrendering to the Nazis.



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2 responses to “La France et La Guerre – Paris

  1. Tiffany Owen

    Fun and awkward fact about Napolean that I am curious to know if you learned while touring his tomb…did they tell you that his penis was cut off and sold?,28804,1988719_1988728_1988695,00.html

    • That is incredibly strange. Why did the guy cut it off in the first place? And the guy he gave it to, why did he keep it? And the guy who stored it under his bed? That’s also very strange. very very strange.

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