C’è Piu da Vedere – Paris

There is More to See

L'Arc de Triomphe

One of the classics – at one end of the Champs Elyse’e is the Arc de Triomphe

with statues of victory ...

Complete with winding staircase ...

And awesome views ...

The Arc de Triumph sits in a traffic circle where 12 roads come together – there are neat views every way you turn. In the photo above you can see La Defense – the ‘new’ business district of Paris. Notice the arch in the middle ‘La Grande Arche de la Defense”

Us and the Eiffel Tower, viewed from the top of the Arch

Studying ... at the Pompidou (Ryan's on the right)

Our next big museum stop was the modern art museum – Le Centre George Pompidou. I was pretty exhausted at this point, and I don’t know much about modern art anyway. But we did agree on the beauty of one thing we saw at the Pompidou …

The Sunset

We managed to have perfect timing to view an amazing sunset from the escalators at the Pompidou. The photo above shows the buildings around the square in front of the Pompidou.

Churches and Sunset

Eiffel Tower silhouetted in the sunset - from the Pompidou



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3 responses to “C’è Piu da Vedere – Paris

  1. Tiffany Owen

    Kate! You are SOOO beautiful!

  2. Elaine Swingle

    Oh, I second Tiffany.

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