Tantissimo da Vedere a Parigi

So Much to See in Paris!

In March we took our second trip to Paris … Last time it was raining, and we did a bit of a low key tour. (I didn’t want to overwhelm Ryan with my overzealous love of all things Parisian.) For this second trip, we went with some friends who were looking forward to seeing some things, so we actually bought one of those tourist day passes that becomes worth the expense … provided you see lots of things. Also, once you’ve bought the pass, it turns out you have great motivation to run in and see all kinds of things – even if they’re only half-interesting. So we saw a ton of sights. Did you know Paris was really picturesque? Yeah … probably you did. Anyway … it took me forever to narrow down the pictures … and there’s still a lot of awesome ones, sooooo ….

La Conciergerie - former royal palace and prison

We were there too ...

La Sainte-Chappelle

Sainte-Chappelle is really amazing inside – I don’t know how it is that I never have been inside this church before. It’s amazing!!

Display throne for the Crown of Thorns

Sainte-Chappelle was built to house Louis IX‘s collection of precious relics of Christ, which included the Crown of Thorns.

Sainte-Chappelle from the outside - wedged between a bunch of other buildings.

Paris Metro - Art Nouveau by Hector Guimard

I may or may not have taken picture of every awesome metro stop we passed …

Crypte Archeologique under Notre Dame

Did you know there was an archeological museum under Notre Dame? I didn’t really either. It’s covered by the Paris tourist pass, so we checked it out. But it’s mostly Roman ruins so … we didn’t stay long.

Being silly in front of Notre Dame

Inside Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a ‘can’t miss’ sight for me … I have fond memories of attending a student mass sitting on the floor when I was in Paris in 2000.

Fun camera angles in Notre Dame



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