Si Mangia Bene a Parigi

You Eat Well in Paris

Not that you’re probably surprised, one eats pretty well in Paris … here are some of our highlights.

Ice Cream at Berthillon

Berthillon is a famous ice cream place just across the river from Notre Dame. Everyone told me it was really good, but living in Italy I wasn’t super excited to have ice cream in France. It turns out that I was wrong, and Berthillon is very worth a visit. I had peach & raspberry – and they were ridiculous. Ryan had Pistachio and Coffee (his usual) and seemed pretty happy too.

La Cure Gourmand cookie store

We mostly stopped at this store mostly because it was adorable … but the cookies were good too. :)

Our Daily Boulangerie/Patisserie

There was an excellent boulangerie/patisserie right around the corner from our hotel. Of course, there are lots of excellent boulangeries in Paris – this just happened to be ours. Every morning we stopped in for Pain au Chocolat (for Ryan), Croissant (for me), and whatever else looked good (to share). You can’t imagine how upsetting it was when our boulangerie was closed on Sunday. We stopped in 3 bakeries to look for pain au chocolat. The first one we tried wasn’t good … so we had to try again. That’s the only reasonable thing to do, right?

Beer and Kir before dinner one night

Ryan's Cheesy Hotdog at Place de la Concorde

Ryan had been talking about getting a cheesy hot dog for days …. he was pretty excited to finally get one. He loves street food.

Crepe: Beurre, Sucre et Canelle

I got hungry waiting in line to climb the Notre Dame towers (I know, you’re shocked), but fortunately there was a crepe stand right across the street. So I ran across and got my favorite classic street crepe: butter, sugar and cinnamon. (I was too hungry to stop and smile.)

My favorite crepe place: La Creperie de Josselin

La Creperie de Josselin isn’t exactly located in a tourist mecca … but for me it is completely worth the trip off the beaten path. I usually go around 3 in the afternoon, when I know I’ll be able to get in. But this time we went for dinner – complete with a long wait in a line outside. Part of what I love about this place is the way they say hello and goodbye to everyone as they enter and leave – they call out right from the kitchen. This restaurant is a Normand style creperie. Simple, buttery, delicious crepes with carafes of cider. My favorites are the ones with eggs, bacon, spinach and goat cheese.

Have I mentioned how much I like crepes?

It’s possible that every one of my favorite restaurants in Paris is a crepe restaurant. Possible. top left:  Le Sarrasin Et Le Froment, just down the street from Berthillon & Notre Dame, it’s a conveniently located, reasonably priced diner-style, friendly crepe place. top right: We went to Le Sarrasin et Le Froment twice … note the boule’e of cider. :) bottom left: Creperie de Josselin – with cider from carafes. sooo good. bottom right: apple cinnamon and ice cream crepe at a touristy (but reasonable) place near the Pompidou.

Dinner and dessert Soufflés at Le Soufflé

Le Soufflé is a restaurant that I had seen on a previous visit to Paris, but hadn’t gotten to visit. This time I planned ahead. We each ordered a dinner and a dessert soufflé – they were pretty awesome. top left: dessert soufflé with chocolate sauce. top right: Savory spinach soufflé. bottom left: savory souffle with a rich ham and mushroom cream sauce. bottom right: raspberry dessert soufflé


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