Da Dove Viena L’Acqua?

Where Does the Water Come From?

Parco Degli Acquedotti

Parco Degli Acquodotti – Park of the Aquaducts is a little known, but neat spot to visit near Rome. It’s actually really near Ciampino Airport, so it’s not that far to get to it … it’s just super annoying during rush hour.

We took a little side trip one evening when we had friends in town who didn’t want to leave Italy without seeing some aquaducts.

How awesome are these broccoli trees?

It’s actually fabulously refreshing to visit some green space in Rome … I wish it was closer … we’d visit more often. As it is, we settle for once in a blue moon – so we can look at the old stone against the green grass … and try to figure out where the water came from. (Must have been really far away …)



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4 responses to “Da Dove Viena L’Acqua?

  1. Elaine Swingle

    I’ve never heard of broccoli trees.

  2. Elaine Swingle

    Oh, I found a picture of some:

    I hope you like it.

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