Le Spese in Marrakech

Shopping in Marrakech

Market Selection

The souks in Marrakech were awesome. It’s possible that it was one of my favorite things about Marrakech. (It’s possible Ryan might have a different answer.) We wandered down twisting alleyways lined with stores that looked like storage garages and wound up in open squares full of people selling things from piles. We had maps … but I’m pretty sure half the alleyways weren’t on them.  We ended up paying a little kid a couple of coins to lead us home. Oh and we bought a silver pot like they used for mint tea, and a person with a Fez pot holder, and a tajine, and a mirror with doors and iron curlycues just like there was in our bathroom at the hotel, and an awesome carved brass lamp. The next challenge was how to get all of that into our EasyJet carry-ons. :)

Shoe Shopping!

Carving in the alley

Covered Market Alley

I love Lamp!

Stretched Lamps

Water Guy at Spice Market

Nuts and Dried Fruit



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2 responses to “Le Spese in Marrakech

  1. Elaine Swingle

    I love the market!

  2. Beautiful photos! I have to go there.

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