Riad Les Jardins – Dormendo a Marrakech

Riad Les Jardins – Sleeping in Marrakech

Arriving at the hotel

In Marrakech we stayed at Riad Les Jardins de Mouassaine. It was a great location – we were right in the old town. Of course, that meant that our taxi couldn’t take us all the way there. Instead they sent a porter and a cart to meet us at the city walls. And we walked behind the cart full of luggage through narrow, winding streets to our hotel.

Home Sweet Home

From Wikipedia: “A riad (Arabic: رياض‎) is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard.” Our room was up on the second floor, and the doors and windows opened right onto the interior courtyard.

Our Bathroom

How often do you take pictures of your bathroom? Our hotel room was so cool – and since we were there with friends, we were able to check out the other rooms too, and each was different. I loved the tiles and the curlycues.

pool in the hotel lobby

How awesome is that pool? We relaxed a few hours one evening between sight-seeing and dinner. I didn’t actually have a bathing suit, so I picked out my most bathing-suit-like underwear. Fortunately we were the only ones in the pool. :)

Mint tea - a welcome in the lobby

When we first arrived at the hotel, while we were going through our paperwork, they offered us some traditional mint tea.

Relaxing on the Roof

The roof of the riad was a pretty nice place to relax. We went up there most evenings and relaxed and talked … and tried local wine and beer.


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  1. Elaine

    What a life! Sounds great.

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