Tajine e Couscous – Mangiando in Morroco

Tajine and Couscous – Eating in Morroco

First Dinner

In February we took a quick trip to Morroco (on Easy Jet of course), and spent a long weekend in Marrakech with some friends. I took approximately a bajillion pictures (not to mention the copies I got from some of my friends) so … I’m going to break them up into a couple of posts.

Mint tea

Mint tea was a standard component of any meal, or snack. We were offered mint tea as soon as we arrived at our hotel. And it always came from one of these cool silver teapots – and they always poured it from 3 feet above the cup.

Couscous with raisins

We ate a lot of couscous (see above), and tajine. Tajine is that brown container up there. That usually had lamb and some other vegetables or fruits (raisins, dates, carrots, etc.) It was quite delicious – and a great change from Italian food.

Fresh sqeezed orange juice at Djemaa El-Fna

In the main square in the middle of the old center of town (the medina) is called Djemaa El-Fna, and it was full of all kinds of food stalls. The orange juice was one of the easiest to quickly try. Interestingly, they serve you in real glasses so you have to hang out right there at the stand to drink it. There were lots of dates and nuts and things too, as well as stalls that they constructed and deconstructed every day where they actually cooked and served hot food.

Thai Restaurant Interior

Now, we do live in Italy and non-Italian food is hard to come by, so we took one night off from Morrocan food to have some Thai. Mostly because, seriously? How cool is this restaurant?

Thai Restaurant Entertainment

And also – there was fire dancing, fire eating, fire dancing … and a Michael Jackson on stilts.




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4 responses to “Tajine e Couscous – Mangiando in Morroco

  1. Elaine Swingle

    It looks like a gentler place than it felt 40 years ago. Oh, I get it, you make it look gentle.
    In that first photo everyone looks intently hungry.

  2. I am insanely jealous – this trip looks amazing! Where’s a pic of MJ on stilts???

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