Una Cosa di Meno Sull’Elenco

One Less thing on the List

So, I’ve always wanted to sing Karaoke. I looove to sing. But the last time I sang in front of a group was singing ‘Keep on Singin’ by Helen Reddy for a talent show in fifth grade. By the time it came to middle school I had been pretty well convinced that I wasn’t a good singer. Of course – that didn’t stop me from singing all the time in my bed room, and later in my car, and later in my dorm room, and later in my office. (I miss having my own office.)

I’ve wanted to do Karaoke forever, but I’m always way too nervous. I finally did it at a random Karaoke bar in Trastevere. I’m pretty sure it was horrible – I didn’t know how to hold the microphone, and it turns out it’s much harder to sing correctly when the main singer isn’t singing too. But I did it – it’s off the list now. And I feel pretty good about that. Special thanks to my girls who gave me moral support. :)



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2 responses to “Una Cosa di Meno Sull’Elenco

  1. Celeste

    Here’s a karaoke secret: Cute chicks that sing “badly” but don’t take it too seriously always get free drinks from the locals ;)

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