Fattoria Poggio Alloro – Ottima Scelta

Poggio Alloro Farm – Excellent Choice

When we first chose Poggio Alloro we chose it for the view, the staff, and the price. It has a ridiculous view of San Gimignano, everyone was friendly with us on our very first visit, and they’re not ‘wedding industry’. They’re a family that runs a farm, a restaurant, and a hotel.

We stayed at Poggio Alloro for the weekend in February to iron out some details, get comfortable with the location, and try the food. We got to tour around the farm and meet the cows – which I loved. :)

Homemade Cured Meats

On Saturday night they served us dinner. And it was quite a dinner. It’s important to note that they may have been trying to treat us well since we were going to bring them some business for our wedding but … we saw the regular customers at another table get the same food, and it turns out they regularly serve tour buses full of visitors. So as far as we know, this is just what dinner is.

Sausage and Cheese Antipasti

Everything they serve at Poggio Alloro is made there except for the Cheese. One of the uncles does the sausage and cured meats. They were making next year’s sausage during our visit. They took us bck to see where the meat was, and it smelled amazing.

Mixed Antipasti

We knew we were heading for a long meal, so we settled in to enjoy

Liver Pâté

This was delicious

Wine - Double Vision

And lest we wonder what wine we liked best – they gave us a bottle of red (Chianti) and a bottle of white (Vernaccia di San Gimignano) just for the two of us!

Homemade Pasta with Meat Sauce

This dish was simple but oh so good

Mixed Meats

These meats were unbelievable – liver, ribs, sausage … amazing

Chianina Beef, Bistecca Fiorentina

Bistecca Fiorentina of Chianina is the “Pièce de la Resistance”. The Chianina is a white cow in Tuscany, and Poggio Alloro raises their own. The steak is a thick steak always cooked rare. (If you ask them to cook it more they’ll tell you it wouldn’t be Bistecca Fiorentina.) It’s an experience, and it’s fantastic.


Dessert was some traditional easter pastries and a ricotta based cake. But, of course, that wasn’t all…

Cantucci e Vin Santo

One can’t finish a meal without cantucci e vin santo, of course. Home made as well, of course. In case you haven’t guessed … we were sold… and full… and satisfied … and happy.



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2 responses to “Fattoria Poggio Alloro – Ottima Scelta

  1. Dave

    ….andthe wedding dinner was even more filling…more satisfying…and more delicious than they could have possibly imagined.

    A very happy wedding guest…..and proud Dad

  2. Pat

    I’ll second that, Dave! It was very delicious!

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