E il Vinciatore … San Gimignano

And the Winner is … San Gimignano

First thing’s first … San Gimignano is pronounced: San Gee-Mee-nyah-no
Ok, glad we took care of that.

So, Ryan and I were looking for a place to have a wedding in Italy. We wanted to be outside of Rome, because one of the things we have enjoyed most in Italy is driving through the country to beautiful views, and having wonderful Tuscan dinners in small Agriturismi. San Gimignano has a good location near other major Tuscan sights (good for travelling around pre and post wedding with friends and family) and the countryside is absolutely gorgeous.

San Gimignano’s unique attribute is its skyline of towers. This is Tuscany’s version of keeping up with the Joneses.

We spent the day wandering through San Gimignano checking out the views from everywhere

… and all of the tiny beautiful corners.

Part of our search was for a church – which seemed impossible until we met Elisabetta. We were interested in finding a local to San Gimignano to help us with some logistics. Italy is not exactly as Internet connected as the US.

Elisabetta took us to see San Pietro in Forliano. It’s a small church from the 12th or 13th century that no longer holds church services, and normally houses a couple of ancient ambulances.

The church is tiny inside – which works out well considering we’re planning on a small wedding. And it has all of that ancient Italian church charm. We were pretty excited to find out that we could get married there.

With a church taken care of, we set off to try out one of Elisabetta’s recommended restaurants for our ‘rehearsal-less’ dinner. Beppe Del Grillo 2. We had a simple meal – with some delicious pizza.

And a tuscan cheese, honey, and fruit platter. For wedding planning, it was a pretty productive day … but a pleasant one too. And how often does that happen?


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One response to “E il Vinciatore … San Gimignano

  1. I was just in Italy for my honeymoon and my husband and I stumbled upon the town of San Gimignano and it might have been one of my favorite parts! I loved it there. The restaurants we went to while there were phenomenal. I think you made a great choice :)
    PS – Great blog … love reading about your adventures :)

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