Visita a Volterra

Visit to Volterra

We took a quick day trip to Volterra in February. We started with a climb up through the walls to the top of the city. Where we wandered through a park, and then back down into town.

Volterra is a tuscan walled hill town, and it’s very picturesque.

We happened to be there on a market day, which added extra interest.

We stopped for lunch at a random standing-room-only pizza place and had what turned out to be really excellent pizza.

As we stood around we saw other people ordering what looked an awful lot like the socca that we had in Nice. (Keep in mind that that part of France used to be Italy and is heavily influenced by Italy). It’s made from a liquid paste from Chick peas, thinned out and baked on a round pan. With fresh ground pepper … it’s delicious.

The views from the walls/edge of town are beautiful – I love Tuscany.


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  1. We loved Volterra as well. It is such a gorgeous town – can’t wait to get back there.

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