Avremmo Dovuto Prenotare?

Should We Have Made a Reservation?

Cool Hotel Ceilings Outside of Asti

When we decided to take this road trip together – Ryan and I and John … we first had to discuss how it is that we travel. John was interested in a road trip, and so were we … but we didn’t *actually* have any plans. We looked at a map, we picked out a couple places that might be interesting … and then we hopped in the car. JZ was up for the adventure, so off we went.

Selezioni di Antipasti

As it started to get late, driving through the dark and empty northeastern Italian countryside, we needed both a hotel and dinner. The problem was that if we stopped for dinner it’d be too late to get a hotel. And if we stopped to find a hotel, we might go hungry. (And if Kate’s hungry, it’s not a good night for anyone.)


Fortunately we found both. A hotel with a restaurant! There wasn’t really a menu, and no one spoke english … but we worked it out. The food was excellent, and the price was right. We closed down the restaurant finishing our bottle of wine


And then played around with our cameras in the hotel room

It turns out we’re easily entertained. And having no expectations for a trip, makes it really easy to exceed them!


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