Viaggo in Macchina – Milano

Road Trip – Milan

The first stop on our Northern Italy Road Trip was Milan. As usual, we did little to no planning in advance. I think I was probably calling hotels from the guide book while we drove.

We saw the lovely outside of the building that holds the Last Supper … didn’t actually get to see the last supper though. Apparently that books up months in advance … even in January. Who knew?

Then, on a recommendation, we checked out Luini Panzerotti. Luini Panzerotti is a standing room only shop that sells small calzone-like sandwiches – and they’re ridiculous. We waited in the long line – which turned out to move very efficiently. (Oh, how far we were from Rome …) And then we ate the sandwiches in the view of the Milan Cathedral.

Next stop was in the Cathedral – thankfully we didn’t need to reserve far in advance for this one.

Check out this insane statue of a martyr who was skinned – that’s him and his muscles with his skin wrapped around him.

Standard front of the cathedral shot

Next stop was some coffee … ’cause Ryan was cold. And I had to build up his stamina for what was to come next …

Milan is the fashion capital of the world, one cannot visit without visiting the fashion. And while there was no danger of actually purchasing anything in the stores … it was fun to have John along, ’cause he wasn’t afraid to march right in to any fancy schmancy store.

I was obsessed with these colored ball things on our walk home

We ended our evening with a really delicious dinner of Milanese specialties (Risotto w/ Saffron & ossobuco), and then a few drinks and good conversation along the canal.

Milan was so different from Rome – well organized, lively and young. It was a fun little excursion – and we were especially grateful that the awning that fell down on top of us as we walked along the river… missed John’s head. :)


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