Sa Che Stai Arrivando?

Does he know that you are arriving?

I’m in a taxi on my way home from the airport. The following is a conversation between me and the driver:

Me:How long will it take to get to Parioli at this hour?
Driver:About 45 minutes.
Me:Ok, let’s go there then.
Driver:What difference does it make?
Me:Well, I live in Parioli, and I work in the city center. And I would like to see my husband before work.
(Thinking he was making joke, I laughed, and didn’t really answer … so he persisted)
Driver:But Why? He will be sleeping.
Me:He’ll be awake by the time I get there.
Driver:But Why?
(And finally we get to the real point)
Driver:Does he know you are arriving?
Me:*sigh* Yes, he knows I’m coming.
Driver:Oh, ok. I won’t say anything else then.

What’s funny is that I am actually coming home a day early, and I thought about surprising ryan altogether… When I mentioned it at work people were joking about the old adage “spend a quarter, save a marriage.” Where the idea is that you might not want to surprise your spouse at home -lest you discover something you can’t ignore that you didn’t want to know.

I didn’t end up surprising ryan because the timing want great for surprising him at home, and it’s not that much fun to surprise him at work. And also cause I get so excited about surprises that I always give them away. :)

I know marriage isn’t always perfect, but I find it particularly depressing when mr. random cab driver is so convinced that my (presumably italian) husband is having an affair – that he wants to either warn me off, or make sure I know what I’m getting myself into.

Much more appropriate is a line from “crazy, stupid, love” where steve carrell is professing his love for his wife “I have loved her, even when I’ve hated her. You married couples will understand that one.” That one made me smile.


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  1. dave

    made me smile too

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