La Vigila di Natale

Christmas Eve

Brunello di Montalcino, Castello di Banfi (and Ryan)

You didn’t think I was done with Christmas, did you? Just because it’s now the following November? Oh, well, … I still want to talk about what we did on Christmas Eve this year. It started with that bottle of wine up there. One of the most frustrating things about all of the wonderful things we get to experience in Italy is that it’s so hard to send it home to share with everyone else. The wine here is amazing – but it’s not that easy to ship. And even when we come home, between customs and rough baggage handling … it’s kinda tough to get glass things home.

Mom, Christine & Theresa with their glasses

All that to say … we did buy a nice bottle of Brunello di Montalcino from Castello di Banfi (stay tuned for when I catch up to last week where we actually went to that winery :) to drink on Christmas Eve. I think we bought it for around 40 euro … which isn’t nothing, but it’s a lot less than the $90 we saw it on sale for at the wine store later in NJ.

Opening gifts ... In Vino Veritas

Ryan and I had a midday flight on Christmas day to take us to Missouri. (Not surprisingly the flights in the middle of the day on Christmas Day are the cheap ones.) Since we had to have our bags ready to go on Christmas Day, we decided to give all of our gifts on Christmas Eve. This year’s theme was … I guess fun things we’ve found overseas. Theresa got wine themed gifts – a ‘fiasco’ of chianti, and a marble tile ‘There is truth in wine.’

Christine's Cameo Brooch

Christine had been asking me to keep an eye out for a classic cameo – so when I stumbled across the store in Ravenna (Amalfi Coast) where Hillary Clinton was given a classic brooch (complete with grandpa in the corner mastering his craft) I knew I’d found the right thing.

Dad with some Laphraoig, Ryan with the New York Times from 1984

We gave Mom some books about travel she wanted, and a Murano Glass necklace that we bought at the Christmas fair in Piazza Navona. Ryan and I have been tasting our way through Scotch Whiskeys, so we brought one of our favorites for my Dad. It was a really relaxed, lovely evening … but one activity isn’t enough. Mom and Dad were getting ready to sell their house, so Mom pulled together some boxes of keepsakes for us to look through while we relaxed by the fire. More pictures to come … ’cause I’m pretty excited to show you the papier mache’  snake I made.



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