Dove Rimane il Cuore

Where the Heart Remains

No trip home is complete without a tour of my favorite places. And since I’m always taking pictures of food and churches in Europe, why not do the same at home?

Breakfast at the Bagel Chateau

Breakfast is the beginning … a very fine place to start. How great does that bagel look? aMAZing. seriously. Taylor ham, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and poppy seed bagel. Basically heaven, in the sunshine. Ryan’s having sausage, egg and cheese on sesame seed. Which is interesting, but not as good as mine. And he looks happy … but I’m twice as happy behind the camera. You can tell I’m happy … ’cause I haven’t devoured my bagel yet.

Downtown Christmas lights ... and traffic lights

Driving around town at Christmas is one of my favorite things. I know it doesn’t look like much … but it makes me all happy.

Look! Train tracks! It's all homey!

St. Helens - for Christmas Eve Mass

Above is the entrance driveway for our church – with the Nativity that used to be stored in my Dad’s office garage. Can you see the stained glass in the windows of the church?

Approaching the church from the parish center ...

See, American churches are pretty too. I love the stained glass at St. Helens – especially ’cause it looks so 70s, and it makes me think of my parents’ wedding pictures.

The Rialto

On Christmas Eve we always take a circuitous route. Some neighborhoods we drive through every year because we know they’re all decorated. There’s a street near us where they do those paper bag votives all along the sidewalk. And sometimes we just drive around playing Christmas Carols and looking at pretty lights. It’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions, I can’t wait to do it with my kids. (and no … I’m not pregnant. Sheesh!)

It’s fun how some traditions change, and some stay the same. We still all sit up at the top of the steps and wait for Mom to have her first coffee before we are allowed into the living room to open gifts. We still drive around and listen to carols on Christmas Eve. We always listen to Reba when we decorate the tree … although we’re not always all there to decorate the tree. Ever since the year when the tree fell down during Christmas dinner because of the number of ornaments weighing down on one side, we use a rotating tree. When I moved to DC, we didn’t do the Christmas lights as much. Every year we used to add something new, but it started to be a lot of work. My favorite was the year when it snowed like crazy, and the Christmas lights showed through the snow. And we had fun with the lights – even if they were tackier than all of the other ‘white light only’ houses around. Now on Christmas Eve, the kids are allowed to stay up. Dad makes a fire in the fireplace, and we drink wine and sometimes play games. I guess some things will be different now that my parents have sold the house that I grew up in … good thing I still have my family – that’s the most important part of Christmas anyway.


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One response to “Dove Rimane il Cuore

  1. Elaine

    It was fun to see our town treated like a European city.

    I was surprised to see a picture of an uneaten bagel.

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