La Città

The City

NYC Skyline - from Weehawken

Last Christmas Ryan and I split our time between NJ & MO. My Dad suffered through hours of traffic to pick us up at JFK. (Thanks Dad!) And after all that torture, we decided to go back into the city. Ryan’s never seen it at Christmas… and also I wanted to go. And also it was fun.

Venetian hat, Roman scarf, and Ryan's jacket from Turkey ... oh, and the tree at Rockefeller Center.

We ran around and saw some Christmas decorations, ate some warm delicious soup … and then went to see a Broadway Show – Avenue Q (I think … is that what we saw?)

Steak Dinner ... Have I mentioned how much I miss American steaks?

After the show we went for an amazing steak dinner. I mean … doesn’t that look amazing? Florentine steak is delicious, don’t get me wrong … but this came with sides!!

Steak with Gorgonzola ... am guessing this was Ryan's

Chillin' on the Ferry!

The Weehawken ferry is how we always go into the city. Have you driven into NYC with my parents? I have … I think I was really little … all I remember was all of the drama when some guy tried to wash our windshield. And look how happy everyone is on the ferry? Clearly the superior mode of transportation.

View of NYC skyline from Weehawken

Plus there are great views of New York City … The City.



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2 responses to “La Città

  1. Tiffany

    I went to NYC for Christmas with my best friend 2 years ago. It was amazing!!! I LOVED it!!! Honestly would spend all my christmas’ there if I could :)

  2. I think I saw some of those pictures in your facebook – looks like you had fun! I love NY at Christmas – so many lights and decorations!

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