Un Occhiolino

A Teaser  (literally: ‘A really tiny eye’, figuratively more like ‘a glance’ … isn’t Italian poetic?)

Ryan and I are planning some trips for the next set of government holidays …

Hummus with meat ... mmmm

fresh bread, and ... you know ... those other things

Any ideas where we might be headed?


They speak Arabic …


I think we’re going to check out Jordan. … Course that will require some planning, and we’re not exactly great at that.



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2 responses to “Un Occhiolino

  1. Your planning is just fine. The problem usually arises when you make the perfectly logical expectation that businesses and organizations exist to serve their customers/visitors. But since your home base has been Italy for over two years, you should be able to factor this variable into the plan.

    Of course one issue is that just when you think you have a fool proof plan, you manage to come across a more creative FOOL !!!!!!

    Good Luck – Be Safe


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