Citazioni del Giorno

Quotes of the Day

There is a rule when I am watching chick flicks – Ryan is allowed to be there, but he is not allowed to make any comments. We watched a movie together this weekend. When the credits were rolling, this is what Ryan said:

Ryan: Was that a good movie? I’m just asking…
Kate: It wasn’t very good.
Ryan: It wasn’t very good, but it might have been good?
Kate: maybe
Ryan: ’cause I suppressed a lot of comments … a lot … a lot of comments. It was terrible really.


A couple weeks ago Ryan drove the car to work and left it in the parking lot when he left on a trip for work. I left it there for most of the week until I needed it to pick up a girlfriend from the airport. I decided to get some exercise and run to work to pick up the car. Not wanting to have a million things in my hand while I ran, I took only the essentials: my cell phone, my badge to get on the compound, and the car keys. I had a lovely jog, and got to the car right on schedule to head directly to the aiport. There was only one small problem. The car wouldn’t start. Getting that taken care of was complicated by the fact that i didn’t have my wallet or any money, and my new cell phone didn’t have any phone numbers in it. After a lot of rigamarole, I did finally make it to the airport … in someone else’s car.

When Ryan came home the following week, we took care of the care. Once we got it jumped, we learned that Ryan had left the dome light on before his trip. We laughed about it, and I told him what a mess it made for me on the day I was to go to the airport. His response? He said I should have accounted for the possibility that he would have done something stupid with the car, and budgeted more time for that.

Kate: You want me to assume that you’re incompetent?

Ryan: Yeah, I think that works out better for me in the long run.


And, one final comment, just ’cause it amuses me. After spending a week hanging out with a friend of ours from DC, our friend had this comment:

Friend: You know what they say: ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life!”. And your wife seems pretty easy, you just have to feed her and she’s happy.

Ryan: Yeah, but it’s so temporary. Then you have to feed her again, and you’ve seen how good I am at planning …



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  1. elaines330

    Just think … in another year maybe you’ll have 2 cars… After that there are still other complications….

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