Fama Sfigato

Nerd Fame
(Or an approximation thereof)

Recently on his MythBox (Linux computer – used for managing video/audio media and viewing as tv), Ryan got really excited when he saw the below:

[ 0.008335] mce: CPU supports 5 MCE banks
[ 10.080345] Registered IR keymap rc-rc6-mce
[ 10.089451] mceusb 2-3:1.0: Registered Philips eHome Infrared Transceiver on usb2:2
[ 10.089554] usbcore: registered new interface driver mceusb
[ 10.391701] lirc_mod_mce: Windows Media Center Edition USB IR Keyboard and Transceiver driver for LIRC 0.4.0
[ 10.391708] lirc_mod_mce: Ryan Rxxxxxx, [snip] several other email addresses & names [/snip]
[ 10.392781] usbcore: registered new interface driver lirc_mod_mce

Ryan’s commentary:

Apparently my contributions to the LIRC driver for my Windows Media Center keyboard… which I hate… are worth a reference in the driver.

Now if the module would get just get accepted mainline, I can retire…

… oh right, open source… free as in beer… who uses MS hardware in Linux…

He called it his “15 minutes of fame” – It’s cute to see him happy about nerdy things. :)


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  1. dave

    “nerds in love”

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