Sarà Più Facile

It Will Be Easier

Last night Ryan was going from work to Circo Massimo to play basketball. We had the car and the motorino, so I assumed he’d take the motorino. “I think I’ll just take the metro, it will be easier.” He says. Famous last words.

When returned from basketball the summary of his trip was “It cost me 3 metro tickets to get from Circo Massimo to Termini, then I gave up and took a cab.”

In the map below, note the following:

  1. Termini is in the middle. Circo Massimo is only 3 stops away.
  2. Ryan’s final destination was Barberini, two stops from Termini, it meant one transfer between lines.
  3. There is only one station in the whole metro system where you can change trains, so it shouldn’t really be that complicated.
  4. The whole metro system isn’t really that complicated.
  5. It only takes one metro ticket (1 euro) to go anywhere on the metro line. Actually 1 metro ticket is good for 78 minutes, including buses, trams and metro.

Ok, now that you’re armed with all of the knowledge you need … here’s what happened, in Ryan’s own words:

Apparently in Italy there are some metro stations where if you go in on one side, you can only go one direction on the train. Circo Massimo is one of those stations. That’s where I used my first ticket.

I went out, crossed the street and went back in the metro. Where my first ticket would no longer work. That’s where I used my second ticket.

At Termini I had to change lines. So we exit the train and follow signs for Metro A. And we walked and walked and walked (there was a lot of walking). And then somehow I found myself exiting the metro system and walking through Termini station. But I was still following the signs. Apparently there was construction. Anyway, so we kept following the signs and found our way to the metro platform. Where I had to use my third ticket to get through the turnstiles that I had somehow ended up outside of.

At that point, I thought to myself “Hey, I’ve seen those uniformed guys before.” and then I realized that the last time I saw those guys was on the platform when I got off the Metro Line B train. We had just walked in a huge circle. And Metro Line A was closed.

We took a taxi the rest of the way.

Thank goodness he didn’t take the motorino – clearly the Metro was much easier. ;-)



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3 responses to “Sarà Più Facile

  1. Elaine

    I was laughing out loud reading this one. You did give Ryan a little sympathy I hope? Oh, not much? He did laugh with you?

  2. dave

    as to the metro –
    “everything is fine — nothing is as it should be”

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