Invece di Tacchino C’Era

Instead of Turkey, There Was …

Entry to the Spice Market

Since we weren’t going to have one big meal of Turkey … we decided to overindulge instead in all the foods of Turkey – with a full day food tour, starting in the Spice Bazaar.

Don't know what this is ... but I remember it was amazing! (Tasted like Mac n cheese)

This extensive market was built in the 17th century to finance the upkeep of the nearby mosque, Yeni Cami. The bazaar is often referred to as the “Egyptian Market” due to the fact that spices used to come to the market from India and Southeast Asia via Egypt.

Apple Tea

In the market we tried pastrami with garlic, and other snacks – then set up shop in one of the spice shops where we were greeted with warm apple tea.

Learning about Iranian saffron

The shop owners were very knowledgeable and went through most of the spices on that wall explaining them to us and letting us taste them.

Loose Teas

The teas were amazing – relaxation teas, and local teas, and teas with flowers, dried fruit teas … I’m not a tea person, but these teas were irresistible!

Time for Dessert!

Our last stop on the European side of Istanbul was for dessert. Where were walked up to the case, and our tour guide (Selin Rozanes of picked out one of everything for us to try. There was an excellent rice pudding, and a weird pudding with dried fruit and beans in it, and then the weirdest one which looked pudding-like, but was made from a breast of chicken.

I had millions of pictures of food, and couldn’t narrow them down too much, so stay tuned for Ryan’s very first trip to Asia!



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2 responses to “Invece di Tacchino C’Era

  1. Ria

    All food is good in Turkey.. lve the Spice Bazaar, and the Grand Bazaar..

  2. Elaine

    Your entry is very enticing. Maybe I can go to Turkey….

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