La Moda Italiana – Inverno 2011

Italian Fashion – Winter 2011

Blue stockings, brown dress & boots, grey belt, and long necklace.

In a move that either baffles me completely, or shows the state of the internet in Italy quite effectively … my La Moda Italiana page from January 2010 continues to average a hit a day from Google searches looking for Italian fashion. I can only imagine how disappointed people are when they end up at my blog.

Purple dress (from C-Tine), brown belt and tank top, amber necklace Ryan got me in Poland, cowboy boots!

So, just for fun … here are some outfits I put together this winter. Winter is my favorite … ‘ccause I get to wear boots that support my ankles on the cobblestones.

Gray dress from H&M, scarf from Romania, purple boots from Italian outlets, leggings, and big earrings.

None of the pictures are that great … but you get the idea.

Just having fun with it :)



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2 responses to “La Moda Italiana – Inverno 2011

  1. Elaine

    Very cute. Good idea to update for the google searches.

  2. Elaine

    I just had to do a search – and I found you on the first page. :)

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