Non è Perso, So Dov’è – Part 4

It’s not lost – I know where it is. Part 4 – The End

I had now successfully changed the address to the delivery address for the US Embassy in Rome which is constantly staffed.

When the receiver of a package changes the delivery address, FedEx must confirm the change with the sender. In this case, I guess … FedEx Italy has to call FedEx Spain, and tell them to call the US Consulate in Las Canarias … all the while hoping that FedEx USA doesn’t get upset that my Dad’s US account is now being billed for a crazy international shipment. I don’t know whether this actually happened, but I do know that on *that same day* FedEx attempted to deliver the package to the US Embassy. The embassy rejected the package. Uh … neat.

Not knowing who at the Embassy to talk to … I chased that lead down until it was 5pm, and everyone who might know anything had left for the day. About to leave for a trip to the US – I wrote up everything I knew, and handed it off to Ryan.

Ryan discovers that the embassy will reject the package if it’s not addressed to someone who works at the embassy. But … I work for the embassy. I wonder if the woman misspelled my name too?

Ryan spent two more days tracking down the problem, calling FedEx, asking around the embassy, checking information, etc.

Eventually it just showed up. Third time’s the charm, I guess … They accepted the package.

Ryan tells me that the passport is safely nestled in his desk drawer at work … which reminds me that I should probably check on that.

It’s the end of the passport saga … or is it?

Ryan left his passport somewhere in France last week …

I’ve called 3 french police offices, and am working up my courage to try the Police ‘Lost and Found’ – so far the embassy in Marseilles hasn’t heard anything. *sigh*

Ryan says he doesn’t consider something lost until he stops looking for it. :)



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