Non è Perso, So Dov’è – Part 3

It’s not lost, I know where it is – Part 3 (of 4)

Fedex problem 2:

I checked the tracking on the FedEx package, and it said there was a delivery exception: incorrect address.
I wasn’t able to verify the address online, so I called FedEx’s US International Cusomter support 1800 number.
The first woman got stymied trying to spell the address she had listed, so she told me to call Italy’s toll free FedEx number.
Italy’s Toll Free FedEx number is not toll free. It costs 10 cents a minute, and I can’t call it from my work phone (it’s blocked)
(NOTE: at this point, I start up a Fedex online chat with the Italy office … )
So, I called the US 1800 number again, and asked the new woman (who didn’t speak english very well) if she could spell the address that she had listed:

compare to:
Via Cavalier D’Arpino

No wonder they couldn’t find my house. Note that I send my address to the woman in spain in an email … so, um … it’s pretty much a copy and paste error.

So, I ask her: Can I change the address?
She asks: Are you the shipper or the delivery person?
Me: delivery.
FedEx: Oh, you have to call your local office.  here’s the toll free number for italy.
Me: that’s not a toll free number. What if I were the shipper?
FedEx: You’d have to call your local office in Spain?
Me: Ok, so I’m calling from a US based number, is my local office in the US or Italy?
FedEx: for Italy, you have to call the Italy number.
Me: but, you’re not answering my question, are you?
FedEx: ….

Me: Ok, this package is being billed to a US based business account – can that person call and change the shipping address?
FedEx: Yes, they have to verify the account information.
Me: Ok, so account number, name and address?
FedEx: And they have to call from the account number.
Me: Ok, so this is my father’s business account, I am working for him. He has given me all of that information. What number would he or I call to make this change
FedEx: The US number.
Me: Which one?
FedEx: (She proceeds to read me the number I have called to speak to her.)
Me: Ok, but the call has to happen from the number associated with the account?
FedEx: Yes.
Me: So, my dad can’t call from his cell phone? he has to get up at 4am and drive to his office to call you?
FedEx: No, he can call, he just has to verify the information.

(NOTE: I have gotten one ‘wait, i’ll be right with you response from the chat session, it has probably been 7 minutes. So I now tell her that I know what the problem is, and I just need to change the address … another long pause)

Me: But I can’t do that?
FedEx: This call has been recorded, and you have already stated that you are the delivery person. you have to call the toll free Italy number.
Me: But it’s not toll free.
FedEx: It’s listed as toll free. What number did you call?
Me: (repeat and verify number)
FedEx: Well, there’s another number. (She reads me an Italian phone number that begins with +39 … indicating that it’s for calling from outside of Italy.)

So, I disconnect, and try the other Italy number – lo and behold … it’s the toll free workaround. And there are english options.

(NOTE: the italian chat person finally responds, and I begin correcting my address with her. But the conversation is so slow, that I’m not willing to put all my eggs in this basket)

(NOTE: turns out this was a good instinct, ’cause she proceeds to get completely wrapped around the axle about the fact that my name is not on the buzzer at my apartment. Apparently a number is not sufficient. At this point I realize that if the only option they are comfortable is a buzzer with my name on it …. they probably won’t be happy that I don’t sit home all day waiting for FedEx packages.)

I get an Italian person on the phone at the Italy number, I speak slowly and clearly … and so does she, and we communicate quite well. We work through a serious of options, and finally settle on mailing the package to the US Embassy. She changes the address, and … in *theory* it will eventually reach me.

International business is really complicated.


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One response to “Non è Perso, So Dov’è – Part 3

  1. Elaine

    Oh, I couldn’t have imagined that there could be 4 parts to this story – It is VERY difficult to accomplish your goal.

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