Non è Perso, So Dov’è – Parte 1

It is not lost, I know where it is – Part 1

Ryan’s the one who’s always losing things – not me. Unless I’m really really tired on a flight from Barcelona to the Canary Island for our honeymoon …

What happened:

My own stupidity happened to my passport. Well, that and exhaustion. I swear, Ryan is the one *always* losing and forgetting things. His keys, his wallet, credit cards (‘cause they don’t really make it back into the wallet), cell phone. And somehow something ridiculous always happens and he gets them back. Ie. A Pakistani gas station worker goes down the emergency contact list in Ryan’s wallet and wakes his boss up at 7am, someone finds his cell phone in the woods on the golf course, etc. But somehow I’m the one who loses important things in important situations. :-p

So, anyway, I left my passport on a Ryan Air plane – Ryan Air was (predictably) not very helpful. And so even though I went to the airport mid-week … I couldn’t track down the passport. On the day we were leaving I got to the airport early and tried again – and found out that Ryan Air had turned the passport over to the police, and they probably had it the day I asked at the Ryan Air counter. And the police office (as it turns out) is *right down the hall* from the Ryan Air desk. But by the time I was leaving, the police had turned the passport over to the consulate.

So … I’m hoping that I can get the consulate to send the passport to Rome … think that’s possible?

And I feel like a big moron, ‘cause I could have contacted the consulate myself earlier in the week – but since it was only my tourist passport, and I didn’t really need it, I didn’t make it a big priority. Plus, who really wants to spend their honeymoon at the consulate?


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