Non è Perso, So Dov’è – Part 2

It is not lost, I know where it is – Part 2

Consulate, Las Canarias:

Apparently they don’t mail passports very often … ‘cause she didn’t seem to know how to get my passport to me. We finally settle on FedEx as the only option she knows how to use that will allow me to pay for the shipping.

Fedex problem 1:

Kate to Dad:
I’m wondering if you can help me with something. My passport is at the US Embassy in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria … and I’m at the US Embassy in Rome. So, you see the problem? :)
They’ve said they can fed ex it to me, but I have to pay for it. I’m perfectly willing to pay for it … but so far I’m unable to. Do you know if your FedExaccount will work for international shipments?
Not because I think you’ll ask me for full justification, but because I think you’ll find it amusing:

I can’t do a one time FedEx shipment w/o creating an account because:
I’m shipping internationally.
I can’t create a US based FedEx account because:
My US shipping and billing address are DPO based, which FedEx can’t use, and the form can’t handle it.
I can’t use an Italian shipping address ’cause the form doesn’t accept that input.

I can’t create an Italy based FedEx account because:
Italy hasn’t learned about the internet, even the FedEx site won’t let you do anything online, I’d have to go to a store
at which point it appears that I’d be bogged down with:
– not having an italian credit card
– not having an italian bank account
– not having an IVA number
– not being a business



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2 responses to “Non è Perso, So Dov’è – Part 2

  1. Elaine

    I’m waiting with bated breath. Is there a part 3?

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