Un Rito di Passaggio

A Rite of Passage

I originally wrote this back in mid-January:

Ryan drove the motorino on the sidewalk for the first time today!
We waited until 3 other motorini had done it in front of us, then finally joined in. It’s tough to be a rule-follower in a country without rules.


7 Months later – we don’t make it a habit to ride on the sidewalk.

There are pedestrians on the sidewalk, and we’d prefer not to hit them. On top of that, although you can choose your entry point to the sidewalk you can’t  tell what it’ll look like on the other side. Sometimes it’s a doozy! But there is this one spot on the way to work where the road is often too narrow  (with cars in the middle and cars parked on both sides) for us to slip past the cars when the light turns red. Being in the last stretch of our commute, and a place where cars get backed up … we’ve explored the sidewalk and sometimes we use it for a shortcut.


One of the things I’ll miss and I won’t miss is the lack of rules here.


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