Non Capisco Per Niente!

I do not understand at all!

Ryan: Are you just printing out lots of random recipes?
Kate: Yes, well, I want to make this one tonight.
Ryan: The move to paper surprises me.
Kate: There are too many things on the internet. I can’t keep track. I can’t find everything.
Ryan: Yeah, so print it out on paper, that’ll definitely make it easier to find than a google search.
Kate: Well, I have to print it out on paper anyway to bring it to the kitchen.
Ryan: Right, ’cause we certainly don’t have any portable computing devices. Like these two old laptops that have been untouched for months that we wouldn’t mind getting goo on.


I attempt to explain Chick Lit to Ryan:

Ryan: Reading to be mindlessly entertained is like running to get a breeze.
Kate: I just don’t find reading to be that hard. Reading a mindless book is like watching a TV show.
Ryan: Like watching a TV show that goes on for 9 hours!!
You read them in two hours don’t you?
Well … some of us read slow!


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