Un Giorno Così

One of Those Days

England gets all the credit for being rainy … but it rains the entire winter in Rome too. Every day. Not all day every day … but every … single … day. And cold & rainy is the worst, especially in a city where a motorino is the best way to get around. On the days when it’s raining (i.e. all winter) the traffic is even worse – which increases the advantage of driving the motorino to work. Most winter mornings we look at the sky when we’re ready to leave. If lots of raindrops are falling on our heads … we take the car. If none, or few raindrops are falling on our heads, we ride the motorino. We fully expect that the skies might open up during the drive, the seat will absolutely be wet when we leave for the day, and it might rain the whole way home. Most Italians have head to toe rain suits … it turns out that we’re too cheap to buy good rain suits … and we don’t melt.

Now that it’s spring, the motorino ride to work is one of the best parts of the day. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping (somewhere, I assume), the cars are honking … wait …
Anyway … I get to sit on the back of the motorino with my arms around Ryan and look at trees, and villas, and the blue sky.

Yesterday morning we were driving along and I was looking towards the right when my left foot started to get rained on. Just my left foot. And just as I looked over at my left foot and I started to say “Why is my foot getting rained on?” My whole self started to get rained on. So I looked up, and rain fell on my face … but it wasn’t raining. And then I looked forward… the windshield was spattered with water, Ryan was slowing down … and I found the culprit. The car in front of us had overzealous windshield washer spray nozzles. The driver in front of us was trying to wash his windshield and at 10 miles an hour the water was flying over the roof of the car directly onto us, 25 yards behind the car. Ryan: “That water is not even close to hitting their windshield! I could understand if we were going highway speeds …”

Ahhh … spring. :)
We laughed the rest of the way to work.


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One response to “Un Giorno Così

  1. Elaine

    Nearly unimaginable getting wet on your left foot and all…

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