Fine Settimana nel Freddo – Stockholm, Sweden

Weekend in the Cold – Stochkholm, Sweden

Ice skating rink & coffee in a to go cup!

Since we were already in Sweden for the software conference in Malmo, we decided to tack on a weekend and run up to Stockholm. Overall Stockholm was pretty cool. Well… cold, actually. But the city was really fun to wander around in. There was a great old-town as well as more modern areas. The only downside was that it was incredibly expensive – which made it a little harder to enjoy. At least the scenery was good!

Dill baked potato, and Swedish meatballs.

Being silly on the waterfront.

Requisite self-portrait

Kate runs the maze

On our last morning in Stockholm we went to the outdoor museum where we saw lots of traditional buildings from all over Sweden. And where I found a maze … that I couldn’t resist.

Me & the horses

Ryan petting a moose. Seriously.


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