Ohhh… Oops

Text below from two recent studies on communication between husband and wife.

Case Study 1:

K: So, your sister’s facebook says they’re moving to Quincy, IL
R: yeah… I know … ooops
K:oops? … Wait, as in your Mom told you previously? Like, you probably got off the phone, and I said “What did your mom say?” and you said “nothing.”?
R: That didn’t happen this time.
K: No? So how did you know?
R: From the phone … but you didn’t ask me that question this time.
K:haha. Oh, in that case you’re totally off the hook.
R: Also, it was my sister that told me.
K: Right. Changes everything.

Case Study 2:

Event Timeline

Names changed to protect the innocent.
(Characters: Mr & Mrs. J, Mr & Mrs. V, Ryan & Me)
Below is an excerpt from an email I sent to Mrs. J & Mrs. V

915: Mr. J called my cell phone this morning, I missed the call
9:30: I texted Mr. J back

I get coffee, sit around, come back to the office
Mr. J calls me, I give him Ryan’s phone number (Ryan is listed under my number in the phone book… we’ve never bothered to fix it)

10:25 I get an email from Mrs. V, that includes Mrs. J, saying we’re bachelorettes tonight.

I surmise that Mr. J must have been calling Ryan about dinner tonight.

Ryan sits less than 50 yards from me … I’m guessing I’ll find out some time this afternoon that he’s going out to dinner. ;-)


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