Non Muove

It Doesn’t Move.

I’d like to take a moment to stand still, before I finish up on November’s travel …

Way back when I was moving into my first post-college home, I bought a bunch of clear plastic boxes to organize my desk supplies. I labeled each one by putting an index card in the front that described the contents.

One time my Dad was helping me move some things around … and he’s a wise guy. So he edited my ‘Stationery’ label. He didn’t tell me I had spelled it wrong … he just added a subtitle to my ‘stationary’ box.
Thanks Dad. :) Now I’ll never forget the difference between Stationery and Stationary. And I smile every time I see this label.



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2 responses to “Non Muove

  1. Christine Nowicki

    That’s odd…that doesn’t sound at all like something our father would do :)

  2. dave,dad

    ME ???
    A WISEGUY????
    Hard to believe I could be perceived that way !


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