Ci Manca il Sole

We miss the sun

Avebury is not too far away from Stonehenge, and it’s supposed to be like Stonehenge, except that the stone circle is large enough to surround the town, and you can walk amongst the stones.

The stones are a lot smaller than Stonehenge though, so it wasn’t as interesting as I had hoped.

and the sun was almost down by the time we got there, so we could hardly see much. So, it was cute, but not earth-shatteringly awesome.

All was not lost though, ’cause we took a break from driving by stopping in a little pub for some beer(the boys) & cider(me).

and we got to see that cool horse in the mountain thing … from a distance. I need to look up what the story is with that …

Found it:

Alton Barnes – the horse we saw

On Wiltshire White Horses

Wikipedia: Hill Figures

Google Maps Satellite View


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