Adorazione del Sole

Sun Worship

Our next stop in our meandering tour of England was Stonehenge … which looked pretty cool sitting up on top of the hill as we approached it.

The stones are pretty huge, up close.

We still don’t exactly why or how Stonehenge was built, but its interesting correlation with the location of the sun during certain times of the year, suggests that it has something to do with the sun. So … we went to worship the sun there ourselves.

Requisite picture of us with the famous thing

Actually, we managed to make it there just before the sun set and the whole place closed. The ticket guy didn’t think we were funny when we asked for a discount. But the lighting was pretty amazing, and there were lots of photographers trying to frame the light with just the right shot.

But we like to play around too


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One response to “Adorazione del Sole

  1. Elaine

    Just the 2 of you at Stonehenge!

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