Trovando la Nave Ammiraglia

Finding the Mothership

On a trip to England in November, we took a detour off of what would have been the only reasonable path … to see Reading England. Because, how could we not?

We drove around a little bit, checking it out. But we stopped there only long enough to check out the pedestrian shopping area and get some lunch. Reading is actually a pretty big town, and it’s not too far outside of London. There’s also a Reading University there. (We thought about trying to buy shirts.)

We spent most of our visit to Reading running around and taking pictures of things that said “Reading” on them, and ourselves with things that said Reading on

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But it was a fun little detour, and the food at the Cornish Pasty Shop was amazing – they’re little calzone shaped things with what basically amounts to stew in the middle. But there were lots of idfferent kinds, and the fries were awesome.


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One response to “Trovando la Nave Ammiraglia

  1. Elaine

    I especially liked the photo of you two, “Reading till I die.”

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