Dove Sei? Non ti vedo!

Where are you? I can’t see you!

Unsicht Bar

One of the most interesting experiences we had in Berlin was our visit to the Unsicht Bar – a restaurant where you eat your meal completely in the dark and all of the servers are blind. I read about a restaurant like this years ago, and I have been dying to experience it ever since. So when we read that there was one in Berlin, we had to go.

We were initially seated at a table in the light in the bar area, where we perused the menu (which said cryptic, poorly translated things like “Cow bathes in smooth spicy river”). I ordered the beef menu – which basically meant that I knew I had a salad, a soup, some beef, and a dessert … but I didn’t know much else. And Ryan ordered the suprise menu. Which was basically the same as mine, except that he didn’t know which type of meat he’d have. Then our waiter came out to meet us. He counted his paces over to our table, held out his hands and we introduced ourselves. After placing our order, the waiter instructed us to form a train … my hands on his shoulders, Ryan’s hands on mine … and off we went into the darkness.

And it was truly darkness. We literally couldn’t see our hands in front of our faces. (Though, amusingly, our brains thought we could. So, we did an experiment. Even though my brain thought I could see my hand waving in front of my face … it turns out that when Ryan waved his hand in front of my face, I couldn’t see it all.) We had no idea how big the restaurant was, we didn’t know who was sitting near us (if anyone), we didn’t really know what was going on anywhere. It was a pretty crazy experience.

Our waiter, it turns out, had a good sense of humor.

When the waiter brought our drinks:
Here is your empty glass … and here is the bottle. Good luck. Don’t worry, the glass is bigger … I think.

After we got settled in, he returned to the table to confirm our order:

Waiter:Did you order the menu with or without soup?
Waiter:Oh, ok, I bring you more napkins.

The soup turned out to be not as hard to eat as we might have expected. So we thought we’d spice things up. We were trying to identify the flavors in our soup – so we thought we’d trade tastes. Passing a spoonful of soup across the table seemed risky, so I found the bread basket, took a piece of bread and dipped it in the soup. The next problem was how to get it to Ryan’s mouth. So I had him hold out his hand, and lead my hand to his mouth. Which almost worked … I eventually painted a soup trail across his face to his mouth. When it was time for me to try Ryan’s soup – we figured it couldn’t get worse, so we tried the spoon. Ryan carefully took a spoonful of soup, then took my hand and led my hand to the spoon. I carefully brought the spoon to my mouth – where I discovered that I had put the wrong end in my mouth, and spilled the soup from the other end onto the table.

Salad was the next course … and I swear the first thing I did was check it out with my fingers. I don’t even know why. I spent the rest of my salad course poking around on my plate, and then bringing the fork to my mouth to see if I caught anything.

The main course was the next adventure … it turns out it’s not too hard to cut pieces off of meat … but it’s pretty hard to get them bite-sized.

“I didn’t know how big it was until I put it in my mouth” – Kate talking about her piece of meat

Ryan’s surprise main course turned out to be a surprise in more ways than one. The waiter put our dishes down in front of each of us. And Ryan immediately commented on how good his smelled. But when he put the fork to his plate … it made a tinny ringing sound – and he just started laughing. It turned out that the waiter had placed an empty plate cover down in front of Ryan, and we had no idea. Actually, Ryan didn’t tell me why he was laughing – he wanted me to see for myself. Which led to him telling the waiter when he returned:

“I was just showing her my surprise” – Ryan

Last, and certainly not least – was dessert. Dessert was three seperate dishes on one plate … which we had fun trying to determine the contents of. The best, by far … was the ice cream with Pop Rocks – imagine discovering that combination in your mouth!



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6 responses to “Dove Sei? Non ti vedo!

  1. Celeste

    You had me cracking up with this one! I can change a diaper in the dark :) Totally not as exciting but I thought I’d share =P

  2. Theresa

    That sounds like such an adventure! I’m kind of jealous and also terrified of the whole thing lol

  3. Elaine

    too funny. I had never heard of such a restaurant. I hope I have that experience…. come to think of it, having it with my family would be very comical.

  4. Elaine Swingle

    I just re-read this blog and laughed out loud again. I’m still sitting here with a smile on my face. I was going to paste a link on Facebook so my friends could read it. I just wasn’t sure if they needed to register or get permission to read this.

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