Berlino sulle Biciclette

Berlin on Bikes

Brandenburg Gates

In October Ryan and I took a quick trip to Berlin for a long weekend. (Thanks EasyJet!) Berlin is such a cool city. It’s really young, and alive. Plus there’s lots to see. Mom & I did a quick day trip to Berlin when we took our Baltic Cruise … and at the time I was struck by how interesting it was to see the contrast between the former East and West Berlin. West Berlin was, of course the place to be after World War Two. But East Berlin is really the place to be now. West Berlin was rebuilt quickly in a utilitarian fashion. East Berlin wasn’t rebuilt until after the wall came down, and it became the hip part of town.

Reading about Parliament

The Parliament building was pretty cool … but despite several attempts, we never made it inside. It turned out that we were touring Berlin during a German school holiday, so the lines were longer than normal.

Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial is pretty cool – it’s a lot of different height cement blocks. It’s impossible to describe, but it’s really neat to walk through.

Riding Bikes

On the advice of a friend, we rented bikes for our whole stay in Berlin. There were some nice bike lanes around, and it turns out that Berlin is a big city with a lot to see, so they really came in handy.

Gluwien & Curryworst

After we worked up an appetite, we stopped for warm mulled wine, and hot dogs. We even got to experience the language barrier – as we tried to mime what we wanted to order.

A hot dog that's too big for its bun

The bikes got us around the city fast, so I don’t have a lot of words to say about Berlin, but I have a lot of pictures … so I’ll let those do the talking.

Ishtar gates of Babylon at the Pergamom Musem

Self portrait at an old church

self-contained hot dog stand


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