Berlino sulle Biciclette – continuato

Berlin on Bikes – Continued

Berlin Wall

Berlin’s history left some interesting remnants in the city. Not the least of which was the Berlin wall. Near part of the berlin wall, above a former SS building, there was also an SS museu, which was horrifying, and very interesting.


Checkpoint Charlie

We also enjoyed the Checkpoint Charlie museum which highlighted the interesting ways that people managed to escape from East Berlin to West Berliln.


Ryan eats another ham leg... and Kate has flavored beer

Biking in the Park

One of the best parts of renting the bikes was riding them through the large park that was right near the Brandenburg gate. It was a crisp fall day with beautiful colored leaves and sunshine streaming through the tree. I love green space in the middle of a city.


Inside the Marien Church

The Marien Church is another interesting Berlin Remanant. There was a beautiful old church that stood on the same place for many years… right up until World War two, when it was so damaged, that all that was left was the very center of the cathedral. When they rebuilt, they decided to leave the partially damaged old church, and build a new one right next to it. The new church is a horribly ugly 70s-style construction from the outside. But from the inside it is a sea of gorgeous blue glass tiles.


Stevens Platz, one of the two churches

Jewish Museum & Temple

The Jewish museum was an old temple that had been destroyed during the War – part of the Nazis’ tactic was to destroy the places that Jews would gather, so that they had no where to come back to. This temple/museum contains pieces of the old temple, and some exhibits about Jews in Berlin.


Self portrait on Museum Island


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