Munich – Dopo la Pausa

Munich – After the Break

Festivities inside the tent

Our second day at Oktoberfest was more of the same … mostly. We hung out at the Augusteiner tent, and sang lots of German songs – none of which we actually understood.

Crazy German Braid

I got my hair done early in the morning by a roving hair-braider lady … which was kind of fun.

Happy self-portrait

Serious self-portrait

German Mac n Cheese ... aMAZing

After 5 hours in the tent we met up with some friends outside the tent – where the crowd was a little rowdier, a little more diverse, and a little more hardcore. They were sitting in the cold and the drizzle, after all.

Ryan's Ham Leg

Out in the cold and the drizzle … Ryan ordered a giant ham leg. That he ate most of. :)

Walking home in the rain

At the end of the evening, the skies really opened up … and I was absolutely freezing … so we called it a day. I guess we weren’t ever really destined to actually try the rides at Oktoberfest … this makes two years in a row where we’ve failed to do just that. :)


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One response to “Munich – Dopo la Pausa

  1. Theresa

    I want that mac and cheese!!!!!!!

    It looks like you guys had so much fun, your hair looks neat!

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