In Cima alla Montagna

At the Top of the Mountain

This year we planned two days at Oktoberfest and a rest day in between. During which we decided to climb a mountain. To rest. For the … resting.

Pretty much the strategy was to ask around for the highest mountain … and climb that.

The place we were staying was actually about an hour outside Munich, and it was called Schliersee. Schliersee is a little town in the mountains – so we were amidst lots of beautiful mountains.

The hike itself wasn’t actually *that* long – but we spent the whole day. The Germans have this amazing way of hiking … at different places along the trail, there are restaurants and rest stops. So we stopped for lunch on the way up. And then again right after coming down from the top of the mountain we had some drinks and dessert. Definitely the way to go.

Resting at the top.

Schliersee from above


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  1. Elaine

    You’ve posted so many beautiful pictures! It makes me want to take more trips.

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