Perdant Notre Argent à Monaco

Losing our Money in Monaco

Monaco, view from above

Apparently Monaco was gorgeous … because I have 171 pictures from a day trip there.

Me, with palace in background

We started our visit at the top of town, where we made our way over to the palace square … but we didn’t go in.

Fancy a Yacht?

Monaco is a home and a haven for the very very rich. It has some ridiculous statistics for money versus citizens … it’s like a high end swiss bank account kind of place.

Cathedral at top of town

We checked out the cathedral at the top of town where Princess Grace was married, and then made our way back down through the adjacent garden.

The views were pretty gorgeous.

Monte Carlo Casino

Once we were back in town, we checked out the famous Monte Carlo Casino. We had to pay 10 Euro just to get inside … at which point we discovered that old casinos are not nearly as impressive as new casinos. But the Monte Carlo did demonstrate some old world opulence, and it’s well known for being what it is, so it was still fun to check it out.

Monte Carlo was crazy expensive … but at least the food was good. And I guess when you go to the place where the elite go hobnobbing … the high price tag is to be expected. :-p


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