Ho Bisogno di un Abito

I need a dress


The final product ... a beer girl.

We had so much fun at Oktoberfest last year, that we decided to go again this year. We arrived in Munich with a grand total of an hour before we had tickets to get into Oktoberfest, so we went straight to the Drindl shop I had researched – where I was immediately overwhelmed by the choices.
Did you know there are four separate parts to coordinate? There’s the white shirt, the dress part, the apron, and an underskirt. You have to figure out the colors, the styles, and the sizes. Seriously.
ryan helped me figure out how to get the task accomplished, and i walked out with my old clothes in a bag, and my new clothes on my back. It was hands down awesome. And Ryan was a real trooper. (Although the amount of cleavage walking around in that shop probably didn’t hurt)
Later when the guys teased Ryan for not having bought Leiderhosen for himself, he jokingly responded that we couldn’t spend infinite money on german clothes, and so of course, he needed to make sure I was happy first.

Ryan's famous knife trick

Day one at Oktoberfest found us at the Hofbrau Haus – where we drank beer, ate half chickens, made friends with random Germans, and sang random songs.

We spent most of the day in the Hofbrau Haus tent. This year we had armbands that got us into the tent without waiting in line, and without having to arrive at 830 am. The good news was that we could show up and walk right in. The downside was that we were further from the action and the rowdy crowds … but don’t get me wrong … we still had a great time.

Town Square in Munich

After that we made our way to the hofbrau house, intending to order some dinner. Instead, Ryan and I were basically falling asleep at the table, and decided to make our way back to the hotel.

Ryan fell asleep on the way home, and I was more than happy to be the one to stay awake and make sure we got home. I’d had a rough week, and he certainly had to bear some of the pain. He takes care of me often, I like to get the opportunity to take care of him.



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2 responses to “Ho Bisogno di un Abito

  1. Elaine

    Are you going again next year?

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