Les Etoiles de Cannes

The Stars of Cannes

Beaches at Cannes

Ahhh, Cannes … we only hear about this place once a year – for the Cannes Film Festival. When the Rich & Famous are here. Cannes is a high-end beach-side resort town at the Azure coast. We were just here for the sights.


Ryan and Chewey

Which included a set of Hollywood-style hand prints in the ground (where Ryan met Chewey).

Fresh Seafood

We started with a walk along the beach, and then worked up our appetites antique shopping in an outdoor market. Being at the edge of the ocean … and with a couple of seafood lovers … we went crazy with a seafood buffet on ice … brought right to our table.

From Atop the City

After lunch we hiked up to the top of the town, where the church was (as usual). From there we could see the whole port, and the town area where we had wandered to find lunch.

Mmm... Dessert! Café Liégeois (Ryan's Favorite)

Cannes was a nice little day trip. We finished off the day with some crepes and ice-cream. (Our first attempt at Crepe-sucre resulted in the worst crepe with the longest wait I have ever experienced in France.)


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